Use Servise or Tenso JAPAN service

What’s Servise? is a international luggage forwarding service.
To use this service, please register at Registration is free.
If you don’t have a account, you will need to first create a account.

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You can order in 3 easy steps

When you register, will send you your Japanese address.
When purchacing your items from S-DARTS, use the address you received in Step 1.
Your products will be delivered to tenso's storehouse in Japan. When you pay international shipping fee, will send your products overseas to you.

【Usage Fee  ¥580~】Service Fee  ¥50~  +  International shipping fee  ¥530~

For more detailed information tenso's handling fees are based on the weight of the package.
Our total usage fee includes the handling and international shipping fees.

Register at and shipping S-DARTS

Free Registration for

* is international forwarding service. In order to ship your purchase overseas, you need to sign up at, in addition to registeration and placing the order at S-DARTS.
* S-DARTS is not responsible for any questions regarding registration at

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